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The multimedia exhibition will enlighten you and bring you a strong, exceptional experience. Not only will you learn what actually happened at the end of the year 1805 at Austerlitz, but you will also literally experience the battle with its participants, its armed men and the emperors themselves. And you will not only experience the military and the political glory but also its other side in four parts: The introductory part, BEFORE THE BATTLE, will lead you through the main events of those epochmaking days all the way to Austerlitz on the eve of the battle. In the second part, THE BATTLE, you will find yourself in the middle of the ranging battle and you will experience it together with the fighting armies. In the third part, ABOUT THE BATTLE, you will learn the details of the course of the battle through a narrated computer animation. In the final part of the exhibition, AFTER THE BATTLE, you will meet the emperors themselves and you will witness their negotiations.
An array of original exhibits is complemented with a videoprojection, monitors with computer animations and a touchscreen with an elaborated database of texts, illustrations and information about the Battle of Austerlitz and the Napoleonic Wars. All that is in Czech, English, French, German and Russian.


In June 2010, to mark sharply the 100th anniversary of the start of the memorial’s construction, a new permanent exhibition entitled “ THE PHENOMENON OF AUSTERLITZ“ in the newly built Museum’s pavilion was opened. Enlarging the Museum precinct rather cramped until then, the new pavilion presents an unconventional solution analogous in this aspect to the multimedia exhibition devoted to The Battle of the Three Emperors. The pavilion is in part hidden under a layer of soil, its exterior symbolically, in a simplified form modelling the dominant features of the Slavkov battlefield. The central space of the pavilion is a multipurpose hall – a variable 160 m2 area. The exhibition shows the “second life" of the battle, exploring its impacts from different perspectives – of its contemporaries, chroniclers, soldiers and diplomats or historians, and how it has been rendered in different art forms: in literature and painting, not excepting modern art media such as films. Deserved attention is given to the remarkable “story of the origin“ of the Cairn of Peace itself, presented is two hundred years’ tradition of the battle and the tradition of the remembrance events including the battle re-enactments. The multipurpose hall hosts temporary exhibitions, and is used as a lecture and projection hall as well as a playroom (´children’s museum´).

New museum pavilion – visualisation of the exterior and the multipurpose hall.

The pavilion and the exhibition were festively opened on 22nd June 2010 (left), contemporary composition portraying the battle was performed by the virtuoso Petra Matějová on the forte piano at the Chapel of the Cairn of Peace monument, known for its outstanding acoustics (right).

View of the part of the exhibition and throughview into multipurpose hall.

Exhibition panels a vitrins. 

created by: Trinet a.s., design Václav Houf